About Us

Who is Gym Goddess?

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gym Goddess is the creation of Caroline Hayes – personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

From participating in countless group exercise classes to becoming an instructor in 2009, her enjoyment and love of all things health and fitness has only grown.

That’s why; in March 2016 Caroline left her full time office job to pursue a career as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Caroline said “It’s the best decision I ever made and the satisfaction I get from seeing people achieve the results they crave can’t be beaten.”

In January 2016 Caroline also embarked on her own fitness challenge – to become a bikini fitness competitor.  She learnt that with the right guidance, support and tools, it’s possible to achieve incredible change.

Why choose Gym Goddess to help you with your transformation? Because Caroline can empathise with her clients – and by understanding your reasons for hiring a personal trainer - it means she’s in the perfect position to help you achieve your goals.

Caroline is the personal training client as well as the personal trainer so she knows how hard it can be to motivate yourself sometimes. She also knows that having a personal trainer can give you that push you need, whilst holding you accountable for your own results.

So whether it’s weight loss, toning up, building muscle, improving fitness or overhauling your nutrition, Caroline’s excited to work with you and help you to bring out the best version of you. Forever.

Caroline also decided to branch out into Gym Goddess clothing . Whenever she was looking for new fitness clothing Caroline frequently felt frustrated at the lack of colour and vibrancy on offer.

Caroline believes that working out should be fun; whether you're pounding the pavements, in the gym or just in your own living room. She also knows that fitness clothing needs to be durable and functional as well as colourful.  

Speaking to many of her clients, friends and family, Caroline discovered that she wasn't the only one who wanted bright, colourful clothing to work out in - and the idea for Gym Goddess was born.

At Gym Goddess we sell a range of fabulous work out vests and leggings from Florida based brand, Protokolo. Their high quality products are made using Supplex and Lycra making them comfortable and quick drying. And because you're buying products for their vibrant colours - Protokolo have used fabrics that maintain their colour and shape even with frequent washing.

Gym Goddess offers high quality products at affordable prices which appeal to women's fun side. Ladies...working out doesn't have to be boring!

And why not take a look at our Blog? With Caroline's extensive fitness experience and her knowledge of nutrition, she wants to help you look and feel your best. 

Bring out the goddess in you!x

At Gym Goddess we welcome your feedback. So if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, get in touch on our Contact Us page. 

Bring out the goddess in you!x