Chocolate, coconut & banana bread that won’t break the diet…

Chocolate, coconut & banana bread that won't break the diet...

Sunday’s seem to have become my baking/general food prep day for the week ahead. I’m not sure how that happened, but actually I quite enjoy searching the internet for healthy recipes, sticking some music on and having a bit of “me” time in the kitchen!
So when I planned my week’s meals this afternoon I was a bit disappointed to realise that there was no baking required!
You’d think I’d be happy to spend the afternoon relaxing, watching some TV or reading my book…but no! For anyone who knows me, they’ll know that sitting still isn’t something I’m particularly good at!
I had some bananas left that were a bit past it so I went about searching for a healthy cake recipe that would make use of them and somehow incorporate one of my favourite foods…chocolate!!
Hurrah – I found this recipe on that looked just the job. I tweaked the ingredients slightly (I didn’t have applesauce so used coconut oil, and I reduced the sugar and coconut and I took out the canola oil and added a tablespoon of cocoa powder).
It smelled absolutely delicious when it was baking and rose beautifully (I couldn’t resist having a few sneaky peeks!) and I’m pleased to say I’m rather happy with how it’s turned out!

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