Posing in Heels

I’m now just under 12 weeks away from my competition date. My weight is coming down (albeit slowly) and I’m definitely seeing more muscle definition as a result of my training programme.

Just last weekend I was in Manchester at a posing workshop (yes, there are workshops to teach you how to pose!) hosted by the lovely Nina Ross, and boy, who knew there was so much to learn about posing! It was actually a really useful session, not only did I learn the poses I’ll need to adopt when I’m on stage, but I also discovered how uncomfortable said poses can be! But mostly I met some other lovely girls, some who’d competed before (Chloe – you look amazing!) and others who, like me, are competing for the first time. Nina also had some fab little hints and tips that she’s picked up over her years competing that will really make a difference to the way you look and move on stage.

So, armed with my new posing knowledge I made the journey back up to Newcastle to show my other half what I’d learnt!!

One thing I’ve discovered during my journey to the stage so far is just how much there is to do, learn, prepare…and it’s not cheap either. I’ve had to buy a bikini, shoes, tan, make up, the workshop…not to mention petrol, food and the mountains of protein powder I’m consuming!! Preparing for competition could easily become a full time occupation…if I didn’t already have one! Trust me when I say the amount of time and effort that goes into getting stage ready is fairly epic – thankfully I love being in the gym and as a creature of habit I find meal planning quite easy (well, I do now, it was hard to get into the swing of it at first).

And there are sacrifices to be made – going on an all-inclusive holiday where you don’t drink and have to resist the endless supply of food was my first real challenge, then going on a friend’s hen do and sticking to soft drinks was something I never thought I’d have to do, or survive if I’m honest! But I did and I even braved the karaoke!!

But despite the aching muscles, the lack of social life (no alcohol and food restrictions doesn’t make you want to be hugely sociable!) and the dwindling bank balance – I wouldn’t change anything. I’m really enjoying the challenge that getting stage ready is presenting me with and I’m determined to dedicate the next 12 weeks to getting my body in the best shape of my life…

To find out more about Nina Ross you can find her on Facebook (search “Nina’s Secret”), Twitter “@NinasSecretTM” or visit her website www.ninassecret.co.uk 

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