What a Difference 3 Months Makes

 A lot can change in just a few short months!
Since January some huge things have happened that have literally changed the direction of my life.
I had been feeling unfulfilled in my job for a while so when, in December, the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy arose I took it. It wasn’t guaranteed that I would be accepted for it, but in January this year I found out that I had in fact been given voluntary redundancy and in March I said goodbye to some good friends and colleagues and the office that had been my second home for the last nine years!
It was a strange feeling leaving the building that Wednesday afternoon but I knew there were exciting things ahead and I was not looking back!
Fitness has been my passion for some time and that passion has only grown since I began teaching group exercise in 2009. I knew I wanted to work in the fitness industry but until now hadn’t really worked out what exactly I wanted to do.
However, with each weekly session I spent with my personal trainer, the more interested I became in going down that route myself. I have a good, solid background in teaching fitness, I like talking to people, I’m always keen to learn new things to improve mine and others’ health and fitness – it was a no brainer really!
So in January, whilst waiting on a decision about the redundancy I started my Level 3 Personal Training qualification and two weeks ago successfully completed it. Woohoo! I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about the exams (I mean seriously, who likes exams?!) but I was sooo relieved when my tutor told me I’d passed both the written exams and the practical assessment.
Since then my time is spent rather differently than the standard office hours I’ve been used to! I can be up at 6.10am to go and teach a 6.45am spin class, then be teaching again at 7pm. My days are longer in that respect, but now I have to be more disciplined about how I manage the time in between classes until I establish myself as a personal trainer and are training more clients.
I’m pleased to say I already have a couple of people signed up and I’m excited to help them achieve their very personal goals. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to fitness and it’s a challenge for me to learn about the different ways to work with different people; from complete beginners to new mums looking to regain their pre-baby body and fitness.
Oh, and I should mention – I’m now only two weeks away from competing in my first bikini fitness competition! This has been my own personal diet and fitness journey and it’s awesome to see the changes take place. You don’t always see it yourself, but when I compared my start photos to the ones I took just yesterday…wow, now I see it!
I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how the competition goes and whether I decide to compete again (I’m already thinking of another that’s six weeks after this first one…not sure my Gym God likes the idea of more chicken/turkey and sweet potato meals! But life is short and we have to do what makes us happy right?)
And if, after reading this, it’s inspired you to make a change – whether it’s to your career, home life, diet, fitness or whatever…remember – take that leap of faith. Even if you fall you will always get back up.
For more information about personal training with Gym Goddess click here.
Love Caroline x

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